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Shanghai Central living area of Lingang City lies at the gathering point of Yangtze River and HangzhouBay. It is adjacent to East China Sea in the east, the industrial area of Lingang City in the north, and Chengsi Island, Da Yangshan and XiaoYangshan Islands in the south. Being a focus of the town-development strategy of Shanghai, Central Living Area boasts strategic superiority.

Access to other junctures in Shanghai:

  •      65 kilometers to downtown, Shanghai;
  •      In between and 30 kilometers away from Pudong International Airport and Yangshan Deep Water Port by      expressway,
  •      20 kilometers to Huinan Town, Nanhui District;
  •      10 kilometers to Suburban Ring.

Relationship with other functional sub-sections of LingangCity:

  •      Major Industial Park 
         Northwest to Central Living Area, Major Industrial Park focuses on modern equipment,export processing and      high-tech industry.
  •      Heavy Equipment & Logistics Park
         Southwest to Central Area, the park is mainly for industries such as heavy equipment, warehousing, port,      terminal and customs.
  •      Multi-funtional Area

The area is located north to Central Area and is designated for urban ecological development.

  •       LingangForest       
          Central Area is surrounded by the forest, which is regarded as greenlung of the whole

Shanghai Central Living Area of Lingang City is located at the utmost southeast tip of Shanghai. It is an alluvial deposit created by silt of Yangtze River and tide of East China Sea, an oasis nourished by abundant rainwater and fresh air brought by the southeast monsoon.

Belonging to northern semitropics, Central Living Area displays distinct characteristics of ocean monsoon. Climate there is mild and comfortable, with distinctive seasons. Summer is dominated by southeaster, while winter by norwester.

Index (Yearly)
Average Temperature 15.6¡æ
Average sunshine hours 2001
Rainfall 1200mm
Precipitation days 115
Heaviest Rainfall Per Day 116mm
No-frost season 230 days
Snow acculmulation 2~3 days

Central living area of LingangCity will be connected with Yangshan Deep Water Port, downtown area of Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta region

Multi-functional and fully-equipped traffic system makes the connection with outside world both efficient and convenient.

Road Network

Expressway A2 (between Luchaogang and downtown, Shanghai),

Expressway A30 (suburban ring) and Lianggang Thoroughfare join the area with different sections of Shanghai. Further connected with expressways to Nanjing and Hangzhou, they provide access with Zhejiang and JiangsuProvinces.

Metro Line

Running through downtown, Shanghai, Metro R11 terminates at Central Area. It is the area¡¯s major form of fast-speed traffic. (Master Plan of Shanghai Urban Development provides the possibility for maglev to extend south to Central Area.)


Reasonably placed waterways joins major channels of Shanghai.

Inner Traffic

Crisscross road system makes all the parts of the area interrelated. All kinds of traffic forms will be utilized and compatible with one another.


DonghaiBridge, now under construction, begins its way from YangshanDeepWaterPort, spans over the sea area north of HangzhouBay and terminates at southwest tip of Central Area.


Pudong Railway, linking the area with other important precinctsof Shanghai, will be connected with national railway network through consolidated multi-modal transport system.

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